Keeeb selected for IBM Smart Camp

Woohoo, we are excited to announce that Keeeb has been selected to take part in IBM Smart Camp Berlin on September 23rd and 24th! Among over 20 applicants five have been chosen to receive an invaluable coaching from acclaimed international mentors on the 21at and to pitch product and company in front of both over 150 IBM clients and senior IBM management the day after.

The startups qualified for the program are all characterized by being member of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program and developing solutions building a smarter planet according to IBM’s strategy of cloud, mobile and social business.

Besides Keeeb these are the other four selected startups:

• qdatum, a big data marketplace for companies
Roomaps, professional indoor navigation
Tiramizoo, local same day delivery
Webzunder, a social media dashboard for SMEs

We are curious to meet all you guys there!

Register now to join the IBM Smart Camp as a visitor.

IBM Press Release (German):

Import of Zootool Bookmarks Ready

by Arne Halenza
March 3rd 2014

We have been busy on the weekend and quickly built an import tool for all you (former) Zootool users among us. The reason for that is that is quitting its service by March 15th and people have a little less than two weeks’ time to back up their data.

We have made a little tutorial on our website on how to import your data into Keeeb, but here’s the short version:

1. If not alredy done, go to Zootool and back up your data as bookmark file.

On on the upper menu click “Settings”:

Under “Sync” click “Download bookmark file” to save your data on your disk.

2. Now go to and import your data.

In the upper right corner click the icon showing the person, choose “Import Zootool” from the menu appearing.

Click on “Select file” and choose the file on your disk you just saved in step 1. Click on “Upload file” and your Zootool bookmarks will be processed by Keeeb.

That’s it! Please be aware that the import might take a while, depending on how many bookmarks you are going to import.

For detailed information on how we process and map your data take a look in our tutorial.

If you have any questions just drop us a message.

HIGH FIVE Interview with Nic Brisbourne

We welcome Nic Brisbourne, VC Veteran and Startup Advocate.

Nic has 13 years experience in the venture capital industry and prior to joining Forward was a Partner at leading venture capital firm DFJ Esprit.

He has worked and invested in London and Silicon Valley, leading over 25 investments and enjoying a number of successful exits including (acquired by AOL for $125m) and Zeus Technology (acquired by Riverbed for $140m).



Konrad Gulla:

1. Startups: Do you have experience in equity crowd funding  and what do you think about it?

Nic Brisbourne:

We had a small investment in Seedrs at DFJ and I have made one personal investment through the platform. We’ve also looked at Angel List syndicates and may well leverage them once they work for UK domiciled companies. I think that equity crowdfunding will have an important role to play in the financing mix going forward. I doubt these platforms will replace VCs but they will take a piece of the market. Being a great investor, which really means identifying and getting into the best deals by being the investor who is most able to help them, is changing fast as investors compete harder and harder on the value that they add. I think this is the most important trend in startup investing and crowdfunding platforms don’t address this issue directly.

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Keeeb Starts Beta Program for iPhone and Android App

by Arne Halenza
28 th November 2013

We are happy to announce that our iPhone and Android apps have reached beta status and decided to set up a program for interested Keeeb users to try the apps prior to official release. The aim of the beta testing program for a closed circle of users is to get general feedback from Keeeb power users and to eliminate potentially remaining issues before the official release in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

All interested users can apply for the beta testing now. Please visit to register.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by mail ( Please note that the number of beta testers is limited.

We need your feedback and support! Be one of the exclusive circle of users who use the Keeeb app prior to official release!


Arne Halenza

HIGH FIVE Interview with Justine Schofield

We are happy to welcome Justine Schofield, development director of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding platform only for books.

Justine graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA with a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing and is currently enrolled at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, earning her MFA in Creative Writing. Justine has become a prominent industry voice for educating authors and publishers about crowdfunding and her work has been featured on many online publications.

Konrad Gulla:

What makes Pubslush special compared to other crowd sourcing platforms?

Justine Schofield:

Pubslush is a niche crowdfunding platform for books only and because of the specialized nature of our platform we are able to provide authors with many valuable tools that will help them more successfully publish their books.

Analytics-Pubslush offers a special service to all authors called Market Analytics. At the end of your book campaign you will receive a detailed demographic summary breaking down important information regarding your supporters such as location, age, gender, and traffic source. This is a powerful tool for the author to use in planning the most effective future marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Personalized Service-We are an organic, hands on company that focuses on educating our users and providing the most valuable and up to date resources and tools to facilitate the publishing process. The Pubslush team takes great pride in providing one on one service to all our authors. Our author relations team is an amazing resource for the authors on our site and provides hands-on support to authors through every step of the process, from pre-campaign preparation to helpful crowdfunding tips throughout their time on Pubslush.

Flexible funding- Determine a book’s viability by setting a dollar threshold. Pubslush offers flexible funding, which allows authors to keep all funds they raised after they reach their minimum. 

Free, Risk-free- No upfront costs! Pubslush charges a 4% commission plus third party processing fees at the successful completion of a campaign.

Books for Sale- Pubslush provides continued support even after a campaign is over. We have a “Books for Sale” section at the site that links successful campaigns to their Amazon pages.

How many campaigns succeed in terms of reaching the fundraising goal and are you satisfied how these do on the market?

Pubslush offers flexible funding, which means an author is able to keep the funds they raise so long as they surpass their minimum funding goal. Our platform minimum is $500, but authors can set their own minimum in accordance to their publishing goals. We offer the flexible funding option because we know that any amount of money will help mitigate the financial risk of self-publishing and can help authors bring their books to life.

How successful a book is both on Pubslush and post-Pubslush is entirely dependent on the author and how dedicated they are to the success of their book.

Which share of successful campaigns are published traditionally by publishing houses and which share is self-published? Do you expect this ratio will remain the same during the next 5 years?

Many of our authors choose to use their funds to self-publish, but of course all authors have the option to use their successful campaign to entice an agent or publisher, too.

Through our Pubslush Pro program publishers can also use our platform to crowdfund for their upcoming books. Pubslush Pro allows publishers to gauge the market for a book, raise funds and gather pre-orders pre-publication, and collect and maintain a database of customers. We will be introducing an even more customizable and user-friendly version of Pubslush Pro in the New Year, so we expect to see the number of publishers using our service rise significantly.


What’s the benefit for the reader who gets financially involved?

Readers who support crowdfunding campaigns are introduced into the publishing process. They can now be a part of the discovery process for books and have a say in what books they’d like to see get published. Since Pubslush is a rewards based crowdfunding platform, some of the most enticing benefits are the unique rewards readers receive when they support a campaign. Authors on Pubslush can create specialized and unique rewards, such as a Skype chat with the author or a special meet and greet, that provide extra value to the reader.

What are the next steps for Pubslush and what’s your plan for the future?

Because we are a niche platform, Pubslush is able to really concentrate on bringing together all the players in the publishing industry and we will continue to find new ways to connect writers, readers, publishers and industry professionals.

Early 2014 we will be coming out with some great new features that will help to bridge some of the inherent gaps in the publishing industry and we will continue to build our platform and business model to create a vibrant literary and publishing community.

Justine, thank you very much for your time!

For further information on Pubslush visit


Keeeb closes seed investment round of financing

The content curation platform Keeeb is announcing the closing of its first seed investment round of financing. The investors (you will find a selection on are putting a high six-figure sum into the continuing development of the platform

The financing round had already been secured at the beginning of the year but further discussions with investors meant that publication has only just become possible. “When reporting an investment round, I prefer it if you can also show what has been achieved with the funds,” explains Konrad Gulla, CEO and founder of Keeeb. “The financing assures us of the continued development of In particular, the fields of Keeeb for Business, Mobile Apps and User Experience will now receive a strong boost,” Gulla continues.

Keeeb is a new kind of social knowledge management service that revolutionizes working with online contents. Information such as images, text passages and videos can be saved quickly and simply from any website, grouped together and distributed to other users. During these processes, the source information is always retained. The service can be used in a personal or collaborative way, while the information compiled can be made publicly accessible or only available to a closed group, depending on the user’s settings. Keeeb has recently started to offer a visual bookmarking function for all users who wish to make a note of entire websites instead of individual contents.

Keeeb was founded in 2011 by the digital media expert Konrad Gulla and is aimed at all Internet users who are seeking a simple and fast solution for saving and locating Internet contents. Keeeb is currently the focus of considerable attention, much of which is coming from Internet professionals such as web designers, social media experts, bloggers, journalists and marketing managers, who use the service intensively and greatly appreciate its value.

Keeeb is planning to close a Series A round of financing in the first half of 2014. Founder and CEO Konrad Gulla will be travelling in New York and Silicon Valley until the end of October for this purpose.

Keeeb schließt Seed-Investment Finanzierungsrunde ab

Liebe Keeeb-Fans,

eine Kurzmeldung in eigener Sache, die wir heute an die Presse kommuniziert haben:

"Die Content Curation Plattform Keeeb gibt den Abschluss seiner ersten Seed-Investment Finanzierungsrunde bekannt. Die Investoren (eine Auswahl finden Sie auf investieren einen hohen sechsstelligen Betrag für die Weiterentwicklung der Plattform


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Update Friday

We have been working really hard to make this update possible although we are working on mobile at the same time. But with all the great feedback we received from you lately, we knew we couldn’t wait any longer to bring some of the most requested features to Keeeb. 

On top there is a new front page, an editors choice section and an update in the interface.

Here we go:


What is Keeeb? Keeeb is what you, about your collections and about getting things in a beautiful Ordnung. We are amazed by the projects you created on Keeeb. 

Keeeb is about the greatest content on the web. It is about anything that inspires you. Anything that helps you to create wonderful products and services. It’s about your ideas.



We want to highlight you and that is why we created a new section on the front page. The editors choice. We have a huge list of public topics that need to be seen by others. Every week we will add more pages to that chosen list. Feel free and send us your best pages.



Let’s talk about the really cool part. New Features.
We reworked the Keeeb Toolbar and Save Box. And now we are adding our most requested feature. BOOKMARKS. We know you love keeebing the web, but there are times, when a page just needs to be bookmarked.


Now every time you activate Keeeb you can bookmark the page you are on with just one click. We will then create a screenshot and group it with the page description. Beautiful and meaningful.



I don’t know about you, but I have over 200 topics. So when I keeeb stuff I want to put it on the right topic page fast.


Now we bring the smart page selection from our webpage into the save box. Just type the name of the topic page into the drop down. Big time saver.



Instead of adding things we decided to take a couple things away.
Less is better. And less also looks better.


We brought the two most important items into the center of the page. Your pages and the search bar. 

You also get precious pixels back for your content. The sub header is now smaller. It has all the information you need but with less pixels.

We hope you enjoy these updates.
But stay tuned. Mobile is coming very soon. The beta is already running nice and we love to keeeb stuff with it.

Konrad and the Keeeb Team

P.S. Don’t forget to update you Keeeb browser extension!

HIGH FIVE Interview With Jeff Bullas

We are very happy to have Jeff Bullas for our HIGH FIVE interview section! Jeff is a famous blogger, writer and speaker on social media and digital marketing. He is listed in the “ Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers ” 2013 on at #11.

You can find his cool Keeeb page here:



Your blog is a source of inspiration for all web workers! How do you find your cool content and what are your steps to build good blog posts?


The one secret to finding great content is simple. “Read a lot”. That could be other books, blogs or other online sources 

The steps to building a good blog post start with being aware and listening to what problems people are facing with their business and marketing. Then there are two way to start the article

1. Think of the headline 

2. Write the introduction

The principles then are making it easy to read by keeping the language simple and creating a well structured blog post. This will include, sub-titles and bullet points that make it easy for people top skim and scan. 


Bookmarking is dead - long live bookmarking. What do you think about tools like which turns conventional bookmarking into a more effective way to save only bits and pieces that matter to you?

I think any tools that make it easy to file and retrieve information easy are to be applauded. Great to see Keeeb working towards this goal.


"Jeff Bullas is one of the top global influencers, consultants and strategists on social media marketing" - how does a normal day in your life look like? Are there any normal days?

My weekdays start around 4.30am when I have my daily quiet time to write and publish the blog. The rest of the day is spent in meetings, consulting, strategic writing and engagement online. Sometimes I am travelling or speaking.


You are a book writer, your last book was “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” - how do you think about offline time? Useful or senseless?

Offline time is vital for me for writing.  It also is important for socializing with friends and business associates and exercising. One of my passions is road cycling.



When we want to invite you for a dinner, we have to go to …….?

The Opera bar on Sydney harbour next to the Opera house.

Thanks, Jeff! Keeeb on rockin’!

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