Clipboard File Import


Yesterday Clipboard a service I always had my eyes on, because I liked their technology and thought they had a great team were acquired by Salesforce.

They also are shutting down their service on the 30th of June. That’s bad news to their users.


That’s why decided to stop anything we are working on right now to create a file import for Clipboard data. I am not sure how many hours it will take, but it won’t be too long until we are ready.

This is how keeebing the web works. It’s a little bit different then you are used to as a Clipboard user, but you will see how sweet grouping, sorting and collecting all your clips at Keeeb is.

Importing your Clipboard Zip file will look something like this.
So you can see this is going to be easy. I also is going to look great!

  1. Click on the importer

  2. Choose the Zip file you downloaded from Clipboard.


    We will then upload your file, analyze it on our server and create Keeeb Pages from your boards, put all your clips into the right place and add you comments and tags to them.

    It might look a little bit different, then you are used to, but moving into a new home always brings some changes with it. In this case I am sure for the better ;)

Please let me know how you feel and what you think. I will keeeb you posted on our progress with the importer.

CEO & Founder