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Don’t Let Social Distancing Lead to Corporate Disconnect

by David Corbett 03/20/2020

girlKnowledge exchange is the lifeblood of companies. Collaboration and the sharing of insights fuel new ideas, growth, and day-to-day functionality. And when the exchange of knowledge stops flowing – or even slows – innovation stalls 

While circumstances during this pandemic are extraordinary, they also highlight a challenge that is increasingly ordinary: how to maintain connectedness and optimize the productivity of virtual workforces 

Days at the office are full of ad hoc exchanges with colleagues that plant seeds of inspiration and disperse the knowledge and expertise we depend on for critical decisionsAfter a client call, we can quickly peek over the cubicle and share our experiencesDuring a walk down the hall, we run into a colleague that has experience with a toolset we’re implementing At the standup meeting we share learnings from the latest analyst report that sparks insightful conversation. 

While virtual meeting and collaboration software is common practice for remote employees, it is not an effective substitute for this informal and substantive knowledge exchange. Tools preserving the fluid discovery, exchange, and discussion around content remain lacking.  

A core mission at Keeeb is to stimulate workforce connectedness and unleash the power of collective intelligence. The Keeeb Intelligence Platform does this by empowering every individual to acquire, apply, and amplify shared knowledge faster. This increases productivity and job satisfaction.  

For example, let’s say a project manager in Europe has invested several hours researching and collecting content on an emerging technology in preparation for a client meeting. Through Keeeb, her research contributes to a new community exchange amplifying learnings to following users.  When a colleague in the US subsequently initiates research on the same topiche is immediately connected to his European colleagues research and the crowd sourced expertise surfaced by the community. 

Even in the best of times, that global exchange doesn’t happen over coffee. And here’s the rub: it doesn’t happen enough over Teams and Slack either. Today’s remote and global work requires us to encourage rich knowledge exchanges across virtual networks. The point isn’t that the exchange above can happen during a pandemic; the point is that it should be happening every day.  

Think about the flow of knowledge across our companies that sustains vibrancy and innovation. Then think about everyday impediments that threaten the freeform exchange of knowledge.  Remote workforces, fewer people doing more, and the increased pace of today’s digital world threaten our ability to engage in natural knowledge exchanges.   

What if there was an AI-enabled solution that maintained a steady flow of timely and relevant knowledge to not just sustain but stimulate this exchange? 

Keeeb is that solution  We automate the power of collective intelligence and navigate knowledge to the user. 

Whether you’re looking for the latest version of that ‘hard to find’ internal policy document, or looking for best practice strategies from internal experts, Keeeb’s AI technology will raise that information from relevant sources and deliver it to you. 

If your recent assignment demands you stay current with trends and activity in a new industry space, Keeeb will monitor paid and public sources – as well as content collected by your colleagues – and deliver timely and relevant content matching your request. Similarly, Keeeb will surface trending content in your organization, identify most-read experts, connect you to interesting communities, and recommend content aligned with your research and job responsibilities.   

At Keeeb, we are driven to develop technology that elevates every employee’s knowledge.  Our technology promotes a collaborative flow of knowledge, automates exchanges with crowd sourced expertise, and immerses like-minded employees in content sharing communities. Keeeb’s Intelligence Platform is the solution to optimize your company’s distributed workforce, ensure high levels of connectedness, and unleash the power of collective intelligence.