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The Top Eight Attributes of Successful Knowledge Management Solutions

by Tracy Linne 08/13/2020


Most corporate responses to Covid-19 have included fast-tracking digital transformation strategies to support suddenly distributed teams. Companies are actively exploring new collaboration tools to help their knowledge workers stay productive in any location. Making sure you pick the right knowledge management solution has never been more important.

When considering how to encourage collaboration in reimagined digital workplaces, consider tools that include the attributes our CIO Sid Probstein described in a recent Forbes article:

To leverage a firm’s enterprise intelligence, we believe that a knowledge management solution must:

  1. Make it easy to capture information and access it later.
  2. Deliver pieces of information instead of entire containers (e.g., slides, not slide decks).
  3. Help store and categorize knowledge in a meaningful way.
  4. Automatically capture the source, author and other lineage information associated with pieces of information.
  5. Allow users to make and store quick notes for reference (e.g., context, metadata and thoughts).
  6. Make sharing quick, secure and compliant.
  7. Empower teammates to give feedback or add their thoughts.
  8. Support evolving workplaces (e.g., transitions to flexible work schedules, different locations, and work styles).


Under Covid-19, companies have a unique opportunity to redesign digital workplaces in readiness for the future of knowledge working. Companies that empower users to access, apply, and amplify knowledge will drive successful team collaboration.